Please take the time to read a little bit on the audio equipment rack that Iíll be using at your event. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact DJ Felix Entertainment at any time.



This is the DENON DN-X900. A high end mixer for sure. With the digital audio filters, no song will ever be crackly or static filled. (Found in most of your lower quality of MP3ís) Good thing we only carry HIGH quality MP3ísÖ









This is the Monster PRO 2500 Rack Power Center. Everything plugs into the back of this unit for the power supply. Not only will the power supply warn me if there is not enough power, but it also eliminate any static or hum noise that other power supplies just donít do. (Helps produce the crisp and clear sound of music or voice)


AUDIO-GENIEThis is the American Audio, Audio Genie. This external sound card allows me to have the same type of hookup as all of the other audio equipment. Much better sound out of this unit compared to a headphone jack on the computer. (That may be used by other DJís) (Backup unit)







Maya44This is the Maya44. A more advanced sound card for a higher quality of sound. (Used on a regular basis) (Main unit) It Uses Digital Signals for better enhancement of music being played.



All Digital, All Wireless LINE 6






This is the LINE 6 Wireless Microphone. The Digital Frequencies that this wireless microphone uses are selectable, which means there is never a fear of crossed signals getting mixed into a special speech. (Toast, Prayer & so on) Youíll be surprised when you hear the crisp and clear sound you hear from your own voice!







HPR152IThis is the QSC HPR152i powered speaker. This amazing looking speaker is ahead of itís time. Based on the high end QSC amplifiers, this speaker is top notch. The speaker is able to produce a whopping 135db when needed and only consumes 1.5 amps. This is a great advantage when it comes to all of the other electrical equipment used during the night. (Less chances of a circuit breaker popping) This means for you (the client), a MORE stress and worry free night of entertainment.












This is the QSC HPR151i powered subwoofer. This awesome looking subwoofer is a big factor when it comes to playing any type of music that has a beat. Again with QSC being the name itís sure to live up to the performance. Amazingly it produces 133db of thumping, heart throbbing bass. (Again, When needed) This woofer only consumes 2.2 amps and hits beats as low as 43Hz. (Now, how low can you go??) Be reminded this is only a 15Ē subwoofer, but the sound simulates an 18Ē subwoofer. WOW!






QSC KW181.jpg

††† This is the QSC KW181 Powered Subwoofer. Itís heart throbbing bass can hit as high as 135db. The powerful 18Ē woofer is a great addition with our QSC K10ís.









††† Most people donít understand or even too often under estimate how much sound from your voice wonít carry when your outsideÖ. When you choose our ceremony package for your big day, we have the entire event covered for you. Your officiate will have there own clip on mic (hands free). You will QSC%20K10also be provided with a handheld mic & stand for readers. All of your songs will be played on queue.

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