If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact DJ Felix Entertainment at any time.


The Ferman power conditioner allows us to have the ultra clean sound would expect from a symphony in person. No clicks, Pops, Static & no power spikes. Furman Clean Power is high end and state of the art when dealing with dirty electric. (Yes, Electric is extremely dirty and noisy)



The American Audio VMS5 is the latest in audio mixing decks allowing us to mix up to 4 songs at once and with the software we use, we can actually mix up to 8 tracks at once!! With endless effects, it can change the style of any song to liven it up!



Sennheiser ew100-g4-835sNow even more simple, flexible and reliable: The 100 series has become the first choice for both sound designers and occasional users because of its simple operating concept – and because the system makes no compromises in terms of live sound. With up to 300ft of distance, Yeah… You can be in the sticks and still be covered!


QSC K10.jpg

Our QSC K10’s. Capable of 126 db. We can handle any size of group or outing you may have! With the 90 Degree horn coverage, Nothing is out of line. 7 on on hand to handle any group!


QSC KW181.jpg

This is the QSC KW181 Powered Subwoofer. It’s heart throbbing bass can hit as high as 135db. The powerful 18” woofer is a great addition with our QSC K10’s. We carry 4 at all times to cover the largest of groups.


QSC KLA12.jpg

When dealing with LARGE groups, we pull out the big boys! This is our line array system (For concert groups & more) We carry 6 Line Arrays (and the trussing to hang them) for groups that plan on having several hundreds to Thousands of people. Along with our subwoofers, our system is not only top notch and state of the art, our large lighting system packs a PUNCH!



Most people don’t understand or even too often under estimate how much sound from your voice won’t carry when your outside…. When you choose our ceremony package for your big day, we have the entire event covered for you. Your officiate will have their own clip on mic (hands free). You will also be provided with a handheld mic & stand for readers. All of your songs will be played on queue.

AKG PROew100-g4-me4.jpgQSC%20K10Surface-Pro-4-windows-10-tablet.jpgTOUCHMIX-8.jpgUltimate support Mic