Corporate Events/Functions


        DJ Felix Entertainment provides a HIGH standard in the planning and preparation for your Corporate Event. Your company’s image is a high concern and it shows in the planning done on our behalf. We consider it to the highest priority in your next function. We go above and beyond all expectations to fulfill all your needs.


            Starting with Cocktail/Lounge hour, we have the perfect mix of Smooth Jazz, Lounge, Big Band and Pop Instrumental style of music being played. We have what you want and when you want it. Starting from when your guest arrive the music has already started so there’s never any worry of walking in a quiet and empty room. During the Cocktail/Lounge time, the choice of music we use is at the perfect volume for holding a conversation at a normal voice level.


            Dinner time, during this time we tend to stick to the Pop Instrumental style of music due to the fact it helps encourage the mood for dancing. With a little more upbeat music being played people have already begun tapping their feet to the beat of the music. Need a wireless microphone? We have that all ready for you, or if you would like we can handle all of the announcements for you.


            Now, after dinner we step up the beat, with our many years of experience we know which song to play and when to play it! We also keep in mind of the variety of ages in the group and will try to accommodate everyone.  NEVER FEAR, we will never play anything unacceptable (even if it is requested.)


            Lighting is up to you. Whether you want a full blown club style setup with a complete light show including over 18 lighting effect and Room Up-lighting or a very simple Room Up-lighting package. If you want a basic setup including just a speaker system, just ask. We can do that too. You tell us what you want and we will offer suggestions to help meet your goal. (Feel free to check out our Lighting Equipment page for more details)


            So, what’s next? You found us! Now call today and find out how we can help you make this the best corporate event you’ve ever had!!!