How many times have you been to a wedding where they have a slideshow for you to enjoy? How many times have you had trouble not only hearing the music being played but the screen is so small you can’t even enjoy the show? We at DJ Felix Entertainment find that to be unsatisfactory and unprofessional. DJ Felix only offers the best when it comes to the important show.. Our Screen is 8’ X 8’, we use a professional speaker dedicated only to the slide show. The projector is a very powerful 3000 lumens bright and can even be used with a MAC Book… To top it off, It can and will except ANY type of input (including wireless) That’s right, we have spared no expense to make sure nothing but the best is brought to your wedding. To make it better, the projector is setup for rear projection to keep it hidden from the show..

Projecter ScreenPLC-XU305A PROJECTOR