†††††† DJ Felix Entertainment provides a HIGH standard in the planning and preparation for your next school dance, Homecoming & Proms. We consider the school package our Pride and Joy, so you canít go wrong! With our selection of music and latest in high tech, high impact fully automated lighting; you wonít be able to sit until your feet hurt from dancing too much!!


††††††††††† Whether itís a Prom, Fundraiser or just your typical dance, it can be brought to life with DJ Felix Entertainment. We provide ONLY Pro-clean edited music, so there is never any worry of foul language or obscene lyrics. Providing music not only for teens, but teachers as well to ensure everyone is dancing to the beat of the music.


††††††††††† The speaker selection we use for our dances are top notch! From our high end speakers to our huge & powerful subwoofers (for really rockiní the house) all the way down to our high end mixer and backed by a laptop containing all music in high quality MP3 format. This is a must for keeping the dance floor full!!


††††††††††† Further, our lighting system turns your gym or dance floor into a FAMOUS NIGHT CLUB!! Check out the setup youíll see at your school once you give us a call and book your dance. WANNA read up on each light Check this out!!


††††††††††† SO HERE IT ISÖ. Check your calendars, mark the dates and give us a call!! Donít miss out, call us ASAP and reserve the date!! (Note: booking multiple dances within a one (1) year period may entitle you to a discount. Just ask how!) We look forward to meeting with you (if required) for a consolation and quote. This is a night we WILL make you remember for years to come!


See the list of schools that DJ Felix has performed at Here


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