First off, Congratulations!!!

Newly engaged, future brides and grooms!

            We at DJ Felix Entertainment are here for you; we do all the work so you don’t have to worry about a thing on your special day. We run the show… grand march, announcements, cake cutting, the toast????? Oh yeah, that part is up to you. Don’t worry we’ll take care of the rest for you…


Now the dance. Yup that’s right you the bride and groom are up first. This is a first dance that you’ll never forget we guarantee it. Trust us. We can’t tell you how we make you remember, it that’s no fun. Now, the rest of the dances are on us. Don’t worry we know what we’re doing, after all that’s what we’re here for. We keep the guests on the dance floor for the whole reception with the right music selection and lighting to keep everyone moving.


Now, the speaker and lighting selection we use for our receptions are nothing but our best. We don’t cheap out on your special day, after all I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me. It’s too important of a day. We use our whole lighting package; everything you see is what you get at the reception. Now if there’s something that you don’t like or want, all you have to do is let us know, we’ll leave it out.


We only use the professional QSC KLA & K series top cabinets with KW181 subwoofers for the crisp clear sound and for the smooth low deep bass that packs a punch. Just think about it when you hear your favorite song come on not only will you hear it, but you’ll feel the pounding in your chest just like your heart beat. That’s what makes you WANNA hit the dance floor. Your blood rushing, heart pounding to the beat of the music. Remember you’re in love and full of energy and we’re the ones that are going to wear you out.


Now, the arrival and set-up for us is always long before you and your guests arrive. (Providing we are allowed into the venue) It takes about three hours for set-up and sound check to make sure the night starts off without any problems. Remember you’re not only paying for the time we play music… we spend a lot of time for preparation to make the night magical (Including the weeks before). In other words you’re getting what you pay for so don’t let it fool you.


This is the American DJ IKON Projector LED. Imagine walking into your Hall/Venue and having your wedding name projected at the entrance doors! This is a GREAT personalized touch for any event.

(Extra fees apply for personalized Gobos.

You even get to keep the gobo at the end of the night!)







Our new AMERICAN DJ 5PHEX up-lighting is superior to all other up-lighting on the market today! We are so proud to offer this new product to our Brides & Grooms. We carry 18 of these wonderful BRIGHT 10 WATT LED’s. Imagine walking into your wedding reception with the exact color of your wedding. We can do up 65 preprogrammed colors. Then when you allow room for color mixing one the fly your colors have just become unlimited including BLACK & WHITE! As you can see this is a 6 color led allowing us to start with a BASIC RED, BLUE, GREEN, WHITE, AMBER & ULTRAVILOT (BLACK) and then allowing us to color mix from there.




Completely off the grid wireless uplighting offered too!! 10 units offered.





It’s all about LOVE and we LOVE our brides and grooms!! With our new L-O-V-E décor, everyone will be wowed!